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Super Deal! Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby and Toddler Boys’ 3-Pack Loose Fit Fleece Footed Pajamas

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A three-pack of colorful long-sleeve footed pajamas featuring playful prints and ankle-to-chin zippers for easy changes.

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I bought (these three at $25) size 12m for my giant 6 month old-(he went from 9 mo to 12 mo clothes in about two weeks 😳) he's 28.5 inches tall and a little over 20 lbs-they fit exactly as expected. These DO NOT have any funky smell at all; they're soft, thick-but not ridiculously thick, are not tight around the neck or wrists, have a zipper with snap closure at the top. I do agree with another reviewer that the legs are a bit more narrow as compared to the chest and waist, but they aren't too tight; My boy isn't very chunky, so that wasn't an issue but if you have a Buddha Baby, the legs might be too tight. The designs are bright and even cuter than the pictures-I really love the race car print. You can't go wrong with Carter's or any Carter's related brand...this is my third boy and I've had ALL KINDS of clothes on them...from super expensive name brands (bought by family members and friends and coincidentally they all rip quickly, don't fit properly, are uncomfortable or are just plain ugly) to "less expensive" clothes from Old Navy, Osh-Kosh, Carters, Garanimals, Just One You, Simple Joys and Jumping Beans......Carters (and JOY/SJ), Garanimals and Jumping Beans are (in my opinion) hands down the best fitting, most comfortable and most well made.
Well, these things are rad. Carter's quality, friggin' adorable and, so far, holding up well. Bought for my 5 year old because she can't keep a blanket on to save her life. Now she refuses to take them off as long as she has a clean pair. That really only becomes a problem when we have to, ya know.. leave the house, though.They -are- footie pajamas, though. If you're about to buy these thinking that 15 or 20 or 30 years of footie pajama technology have somehow managed to make the bottoms of the feet less slippery... oh boy, are you wrong. Your kid's still gonna eat it if they take off running on a smooth floor in these.
My daughter didn't want my to buy the pink version, but she saw these and said "aliens and cars and dinosaur! Yay!!!" As soon as they arrived and were washed we put them on and she said "these are as soft as a beaver!" though she's never even seen a live beaver, let alone felt one, so you can just take that as they are very soft and comfy lol

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