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Best Deal! TETHYS Glass Screen Protector Designed for iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone Xs [Edge to Edge Coverage] Full Protection Durable Tempered Glass Compatible iPhone X/XS/11 Pro [Guidance Frame Include] – Pack of 3

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[Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone XS/iPhone X only] Tethy's tempered glass screen protector provides edge to edge protection for your Device against scratches, bumps and minor drops.; Ultra clear - All around transparent screen You won’t even know is there and the glass with 9H screen...

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This is yet the best screen protector I have gotten for my iPhone X. At first they came with the cut-out for the notch, then screen protector makers filled in the notch with the screen protector. Finally now this screen protector addresses the “rainbow” effect that other screen protectors have when it’s offset by a fraction of a millimeter from the screen’s edge because this screen protector has an outer edge in black that makes it truly invisible. And it fit an Otterbox case with no issues.Refer to the photos, but unless I study my iPhone X from an angle, I do not see a screen protector. Great job to Tethys for making such a high quality design.The application was seamless with included wet and dry pads, and a frame where you drop in the screen protector and it fits into its place perfectly.After a couple of days of use, it does not appear to be scratching too easily. Most screen protectors do after some time, and I expect this one to do as well, but those would have to be pretty deep scratches (sharing a pocket with my keys for example).I will keep this review updated on the results of the long-term use should they be different from what I have encountered thus far.I have tried out various screen protectors throughout my ownership an several iPhones. Please don’t be fooled into buying $40 screen protectors. The value of each of these is $3.33 and they are made of the same stuff.
I absolutely love this product. I have to say sometimes I worry about not buying a "bargain" product thinking maybe it won't be as good. but let me tell you this product is amazing and I appreciate the price! It is absolutely a great product at an affordable price and is worth the investment. Easy instal, includes everything you would need and takes seconds to put on. Best part you barely notice there is a screen on the phone! iv never been one to have a screen protector because I hate the chunky feel and look but this protector is perfect. I will absolutely buy again if needed AND recommend to all my friends!
The reason why this is the best screen protector is that it does not have the cutout for the notch. Do not even waste your time on other screen protectors with the notch cutout. Dust, debris, etc. gets caught on the edges, and after a while those notch cutout screen protectors make your expensive iPhone X look cheap and gross. Tethys edge-to-edge screen protector does a great job protecting your the entirety of your phone's screen while being unnoticeable at the same time. It's easy to install, and it even comes with an installation guide so that you do not have to line up the screen protector yourself, albeit I have never used it myself. The scratch resistance is also amazing on this compared to other iPhone X screen protectors I have used. And the icing that takes the cake, which is easy to overlook is the oleophobic coating that Tethys finishes the screens with. What is an oleophobic coating? It means that the screen protector is really good at resisting fingerprints, all while being a non-matte screen protector. The matte screen protectors have a nice glide to them, but the trade off is clarity. With the oleophobic on these screen protectors, the glass can remain crystal clear, while having that slippery glide on the screen. This is my go to screen protectors for my all my iPhones. I have already purchased this same exact brand for my new iPhone 11 Pro Max that is coming this week.

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